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Cookware for the healthy-minded

What we eat is only half the story. It's time we look into maximizing our nutrient intake with the tools we cook with. Imagine eating healthy and clean, but the best nutrients have been lost to the heat and water in the cooking process, while toxins from your cookware has sipped into your food, how disheartening it is to the health progress you want to take control of!

Saladmaster medical cookware is one of the most trusted brands in the world and their commitment to quality and excellence can be seen through their premium products.

Individual Cookware and Cookware sets to choose from


Book A Consultation With A Free Saladmaster Cooking Demo

Contact CookTale - Saladmaster's first authorized dealer in Hong Kong - to experience Saladmaster medical cookware for yourselves before you decide whether Saladmaster is right for you.

What to expect at a cooking demo

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